We’re the kind of work family that believes in working hard and playing hard. Dedicated, ethical, fearless—that’s who we are at JIC.

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We Are Hardworking

JIC is made up of dedicated specialists that are committed to meeting the needs of our clients. We don’t drag our feet when it comes to service—we continue to work at top efficiency until a project is complete.

We believe in working smarter and harder. With careful preconstruction planning and skilled design, we are able to optimize on-site work.

At JIC, we don’t rest until your facility is ready to begin operations. Our dedication to our clients extends beyond construction to include millwright services, operational support, and safety training.

We work as an efficient, cohesive unit. Working as a team allows for improved company culture and streamlined service to our customers.

We Are Dedicated

Whatever you need, we make it happen.

JIC’s leadership has over 10 years in the industry. Over this time, we have remained committed to serving our clients with the highest standards of quality and care. JIC’s continued success is proof that our priorities work—Dedicating ourselves to building strong relationships and meeting every client’s need.

When JIC takes on a project, we carefully attend to every element of the build, and our team works with focus and dedication until the complete facility is ready. When it comes to maintenance and site shutdowns, we are committed to ensuring the efficiency and optimization of every component without a prolonged operational pause.

Agricultural Facility
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We Are Fun

At JIC, we believe life deserves to be lived. We work with focus and dedication, and we take extensive safety measures to make sure everyone gets to go home at the end of the day. We maintain a family culture where every individual is celebrated.

We take our work seriously, but we know that the best results come from happy folks. When you visit our offices, you’ll hear music playing and the laughter and sounds of a work family that truly gets along. We take the time to strengthen our teams with special and exciting events. 

A great environment generates great results.

We Are Experienced

We have decades in the design, construction, and maintenance of agricultural, industrial, and manufacturing facilities. We bring our skills and understanding to every project, ensuring that each of our clients receives a quality of service only attainable through practical, hands-on experience. 

Our workers are highly trained and certified in their crafts. We encourage continual growth and education for all our team members so that we as a company can continue to provide premiere and services with knowledgeable staff. 

Our technology and range of services make JIC a major competitor in the industry; our experience makes us unparalleled.

We know the unique needs of our clients and offer custom services to match.

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