Made For You

From welding, to cutting, bending, and coating, our team of expert fabricators are able to design and create custom pieces made specifically for your facilities. Our wide array of capabilities means more services for our clients: we specialize in fabricating critical infrastructure, from mezzanines and handrails to structural steel trusses and tower legs.

Our Capabilities

At JIC, we provide custom steel fabrications for the industrial and agricultural markets. Our workshop is full of specialized, quality equipment – pair that with experienced and skilled professional craftsmen, and you have a recipe for success.

Our fabrication workshop is capable of a range of services including structural steel fabrications, handrails, transitions, steel bins, mezzanines, custom layouts, and more.

We have a long history in agricultural and industrial construction, and we know exactly what a facility will need to be safe and designed for optimal performance. With our fabrication capabilities, we are able to create exactly what our clients need to suit their designs.

We Can Do It All

Did we mention we have a lot of equipment?

Whatever kind of fabrication you’re looking for or your build requires, we can make it happen. Our workshop includes a metal shear, ironworker, brake press, two CNC saws, a paint booth, beam line, HD plasma table, a sheet and angle roller, and a dustless media blaster. So, yeah, we can do it all.

We work seamlessly with our design and construction teams to fabricate exactly what your build needs, saving time and money by performing those fabrications in house. We also have experience working smoothly with architects and engineers to fulfill any need on any project.

In-House Fabrication

Working together to achieve results

Construction in the industrial and agricultural sectors requires an experienced and skilled crew. More is demanded of your infrastructure than almost any other market. Your facilities need to be able to handle constant use, heavy traffic, and any kind of weather. A crucial step in making sure that your facilities will continue functioning efficiently is to be certain that every element fits together seamlessly and works together to support your production. 

At JIC, we are able to make that happen. With our in-house fabrication services, we work directly with our design and construction teams to ensure that everything works together. We are a one-stop-shop for our clients, allowing you to have a single point of contact for your entire project. You can also rest assured that all fabricated parts will be up to JIC standards. 

Fabricated Bins
Welding Sparks

On-Site Fabrication Services

No more waiting around

At JIC, we’re able to offer many of our fabrications services not only in house but on site. Our clients don’t have to wait for a third party fabricator to make their pieces on someone else’s schedule. 

We bring the fabrication to you, making it possible to create the elements you need in real time. Our on-site fabrication services save our clients time and money. We avoid costly mis-productions or shoddy workmanship by overseeing every step.