Ready When You Are

At Jackson Industrial Construction, we specialize in the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of agricultural and food processing facilities. For every step in the life of agricultural sites, JIC is ready to meet each need. We offer consultation, on-site training, preventative maintenance, and support services to help you streamline operations and reach peak efficiency. From planning to development and beyond, our team of trained professionals have the experience and industry knowledge to support your success.

Full-Service Agricultural Construction

Our JIC specialists have decades of experience in the design and construction of advanced and high-functioning agricultural facilities.

We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop. JIC has worked hard to bring together a knowledgeable and skilled team that can meet every construction and maintenance need for our agricultural clients. 

Our design and construction services cover all agricultural facility element, including feed mills, grain elevators, material handling equipment, distilleries, storage facilities, conveyor systems supply and installation, and animal feed storage and distribution. 

JIC contracts with with the best material suppliers in the business to bring high-quality infrastructure to your agricultural sites. We understand that you need facilities and equipment that are made to last—JIC delivers on that need.

Our in-house designs allow customers to see a project from beginning to end with JIC

At Jackson Industrial Construction, we are happy to be able to provide design-build services to our clients and to serve as project partners for the life of your facilities. Our expert designers and engineers work closely with clients to understand every need of a new project.

Our designs allow clients to see the finished product before we ever break ground, and by centralizing design and construction in one place, we are able to maintain continuity and communication throughout the life of a project. 

Offering Operational & Maintenance Support

Post construction, rely on JIC to keep you running.

At JIC, we’re dedicated to building long-term relationships with our clients and to offering continuing services for the life of facilities. We offer consultations and on-site training to ensure that every end-user is knowledgeable about the facilities and its equipment. Proper training allows clients to maximize efficiency while ensuring safety and the longevity of their equipment. 

We service and maintain infrastructure. From in-plant upgrades and repairs to site shut-downs, our detail-oriented team members ensure that every element of an agricultural facility is running smoothly. With our site shutdown services, we go over an entire site with a fine-toothed comb, making sure that our clients are prepared for each new season. 


Custom Fabrication and Concrete Services

Your project, built to your exact specifications.

JIC’s fabrication department is skilled at designing and creating a wide variety of structural elements including structural steel, access platforms and mezzanines. Whatever the project demand, our in-house team has it covered. By fabricating elements ourselves, JIC is able to offer a broader range of custom options and cut down on time and costs for our clients.

At JIC, we have the knowledge and equipment to perform every element of a construction project, including concrete services. We provide top-quality commercial concrete work, excavation, and grading. We are familiar with a wide array of concrete construction methods and are able to adapt to meet the unique needs of any project.