Precision Industrial Mechanics

At Jackson Industrial Construction, we know our clients rely on quality and precision-driven millwright services to keep their industrial equipment and processing facilities running optimally. Our industry-leading team of millwright professionals can design and install high-functioning mechanical systems that allow for maximum efficiency and performance while increasing the life-span of internal components such as bearings, shafts, motors, and seals. JIC’s millwright expertise ensures a prolonged life for your equipment. 

Experienced Millwright Services

JIC’s team of experts is skilled and knowledgeable about every step of the industrial construction process, from laying foundations to designing and constructing the machines that keep a business successful. 

As industry-leaders in millwright services, our clients know that JIC is committed to the quality and efficient performance of each site we help to develop. We utilize cutting-edge technology and advanced alignment systems to ensure precision tolerances.

The millwright tradespersons at JIC are skilled at developing and installing complex industrial machinery, ensuring that each element follows all specifications and meets the unique needs of our industrial, manufacturing and agricultural clients.

Our millwrighting comes with the experience to exceed expectations.

JIC’s clients expect the best: quality millwright services that can meet every need, from developing and interpreting schematics and designs to installing, dismantling, moving, and maintaining industrial machinery. 

Before the hands-on work begins, we gather information via plans, blueprints, drawings, and even service manuals to develop an optimized work procedure for installation. We then create an installation plan, setting benchmarks for tolerances. With JIC, clients receive a final product that is able to maintain optimization and efficiency.

Operational & Maintenance Support

JIC is your service partner for the long haul.

JIC believes in supporting our clients throughout the life of their mechanical systems, which is why, in addition to basic millwright services like planning and installation, we develop preventive maintenance plans and offer on-site training to all key personnel. Having informed and knowledgeable on-site workers is critical for safety, continuity, and the lifespan of your mechanical systems and equipment.

Even with best-practices, equipment eventually wears down without regular checks and maintenance. From emergency repairs to regularly-scheduled site shutdowns, JIC’s millwright maintenance services help keep our clients’ processes functioning optimally. Our site shutdown option allows our team to do a complete assessment of a facility and all its components, giving our clients peace of mind. 

Millwright Pad Construction
Millwright Dome Construction

Custom Fabrication and Concrete Services

We create the pieces you need for success.

As part of our millwright services, our custom fabrication department is able to create pieces to meet the unique needs of processing and other industrial sites. Instead of compromising plans to adapt to what is available from third parties, JIC is able to fabricate components necessary for custom millwright plans. 

Jackson Industrial Construction is proud to offer a complete range of services to meet all the needs of our industrial, manufacturing and agricultural clients. Industrial machinery requires a strong and reliable foundation. JIC’s concrete specialists are well-versed in the unique needs of industrial, manufacturing and agricultural facilities.